Who is WØN?

The two women behind WØN are Eva Busk Hyllemose and Marie Segato Stensgaard. We are jewelery designers ourselves and create the jewellery of your dreams. Our vision with WØN is to bring together many fantastically creative and talented people who are passionate about their craft. We find different designers who can all do something different, because when we all come together something magical happens where everything is possible.


The story behind WØN

WØN arose from a dream to create personal jewellery for everyone. Eva and Marie were both tired of the growing trend of everything looking the same in muted colors. We wanted to put a twist on everyday life while at the same time giving the customer a fantastic experience. In 2019, WØN opened the doors on Frederiksberg Allé, which had a small selection of jewellery, ceramics and cushions. Today, the concept and product range have grown to 20+ designers and a vast array of different products. The store has developed enormously over the years and continues to find new opportunities in design and unique craftsmanship. Our biggest requirement is that there is soul and thought behind each product.


Designers at WØN

Eva Busk Hyllemose Design, Segato Design, Helena Hjortshøj Studio, MerLer, Ghita Ring, Lærke Laura, Laura Sonne, LabDecore, Isja, Eric Pencils, Nadia Schlosser, ASH art and Design, Love Holm art, Papermatrix, Vika, Tiny One Universe, Eva Elbo Petersen, Inge, Lise Skovgaard, Vivanna Schmidt.

Read about the designer under each product.

Products in WØN


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