Danish jewellery design and craftsmanship

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Eva Busk Shelves Design

Works with jewelry with the sea, colors and handmade castings.

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Segato Design

She is eminent for creating small stories in her own collection, and specializes in small, detailed jewellery.

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WØN's products

Design with personality

All products in WØN are created with passion and personal stories. Our products are made from materials of the highest quality, with emphasis on usability and attention to detail.

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Our goal

Beautiful & Aesthetic

WØN and their designers strive to have an advanced selection, where everyone has different sustainable measures in their production.
We aim to ensure our products contribute to an industry of healthier well-being, both for customers and designers.

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A Unique Collection

Made of blown glass

Special order

Do you have an idea for your very own piece of jewellery? Contact us and let us make your dream come true.

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