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De to kvinder der står bag WØN er Eva Busk Hyllemose og Marie Segato Stensgaard. Vi er selv smykkedesignere og skaber dit drømmesmykke. Vores vision med WØN er at samle en masse fantastiske kreative og dygtige mennesker som brænder for deres håndværk. Vi finder forskellige designere der alle kan noget forskelligt, for når vi alle så går sammen opstår der noget magisk hvor alt er muligt.

Personally tailored course


Are you curious about what it is like to make jewellery, or have you tried it before and want to expand your knowledge? Then come to a jewellery course with us at WØN.

We organize it according to your needs and wishes.

During a simple course, you will make one simple piece of jewellery within 4 hours.

Materials are not included, but we will give an estimate  before you start, based on what you want to make.

We count in grams and take DKK 10 per gram of silver and DKK 750 per gram of 14 kt gold.

Example of materials:
A silver ring approx. 2mm in width with ring size 50 weighs around 4 grams.

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Engagement rings


Getting married and want a pair of rings that are more than just a pair of rings? Then come down to us at WØN and create a completely unique experience together before the big day. You are allowed to come and make rings for each other.


We start by having a non-binding meeting where we talk about what your dreams and wishes are for the rings. Feel free to bring pictures in the style you like. Remember both rings don't have to be the same, unless that's a wish you have...

We tell you the options based on your wishes, materials, and sizes, and come up with a price proposal, after which we agree on the exact date and time for your course.

For the course, you will be taught and guided by Eva and/or Marie through all the steps required to make your rings. We are by your side the whole time and continuously provide advice and guidance on how to achieve the best result. Our promise is that you will get rings that are beautiful and meet your expectations.

Along the way, you can talk to each other about the design and execution. You might learn a lot of new things about your future spouse?! (Of course, you can also make your own rings, but an old saying says that it is bad luck to make your own wedding ring...! Dare/don't dare?!)

Regardless, it's always nice with lots of laughter, hygge, cake and sore muscles.


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